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Pharmacy receives $50,000 Otto Bremer grant

Posted on 11/15/2011

Bremer Grant
The $50,000 check is presented to HAMC Pharmacist Erik Christenson and GSHS Foundation Director Paul Schaan by Bremer Bank President Wes Black and Tanner Johnson (left to right) representing the Otto Bremer Foundation.
The Good Samaritan Health Services Foundation recently received a $50,000 grant from the Otto Bremer Foundation for Heart of America Medical Center's pharmacy. The money will be used to purchase a new Pyxis system, an automated medication dispensing system.

Automated dispensing cabinets are widely used in large hospitals and healthcare facilities to improve patient safety, enhance medication availability, and streamline operations. These cabinets allow medications to be readily available to nurses, acute wards, long term care, and the emergency room when pharmacists are not present.

The Pyxis system ties into HAMC's computer system and will only dispense the exact medicines to the nursing staff for their patients. Currently, the pharmacy uses a non-computerized manual medication cabinet, which allows nurses access to all medicines in the cabinet. Hospitals that adopt automated dispensing systems experience significant declines in wrong preparation; wrong dose; unauthorized drug use; and transcription errors. HAMC Pharmacist Erik Christenson says they hope to have the Pyxis system up and running in the next month.

"This update in dispensing technology provides a wonderful benefit for our patients. Having an automated medication cabinet in our facility further assures correct and timely delivery of pharmaceuticals to our patients. The nursing and pharmacy staff are very grateful to the Bremer Foundation for their generous donation," says Christenson.

The Otto Bremer Foundation owns a majority share of Bremer Bank, and a portion of the bank's profits comes to the Foundation as dividends, enabling the Foundation to invest back in Bremer communities with grants and program-related investments. In determining grant recipients, the Foundation considers a number of factors, including how the work of a specific program or organization will positively affect residents of those communities.

"Today, Otto Bremer's legacy lives on. Bremer Bank and the Otto Bremer Foundation are committed to building healthy communities. The Foundation uses funds to make grants to nonprofits in local communities within Bremer's footprint, like Heart of America Medical Center," says Wes Black, president of Bremer Bank in Rugby.

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