Certified Nursing Assistant

CNAs work as frontline caregivers in a variety of settings. They assist individuals with eating, dressing, toileting, and other daily needs. They transfer people in and out of bed, help them sit or recline comfortably, and help prevent falls.

Many who complete the CNA program work in the Heart of America Care Center, Haaland Estates Basic Care or the Heart of America Medical Center.

Path to CNA certification and employment
  1. Be at least 16 years old and able to lift 50 pounds
  2. Apply for and be accepted for employment by Good Samaritan Hospital Association
  3. Complete HAMC's 80-hour CNA course
  4. Take and pass certification exam administered at Heart of America Medical Center
  5. Begin working part time or full time, with benefits

The charge for the CNA course is $350 and the state certification exam is $150. If you are hired for employment by HAMC you will be reimbursed for the class and testing fees over the course of a year. Classes are offered on an as needed basis. For more information, email Rebecca Hershey, RN, at rhershey@hamc.com or call 701-776-5455 ext. 2259.