Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need a doctor's permission to move into assisted living?
A: No; however, we do require that you receive a physical exam, provide us with a copy of your health history and any physician's orders before we admit you as a tenant.

Q: What is the length of my lease?
A: Haaland Estates leases its assisted living apartments month by month. The lease automatically renews from month to month unless terminated by the tenant or by Haaland Estates.

Q: Are pets allowed?
Visiting pets are welcome, provided they are well attended and leashed when outside your apartment. Tenants, however, are not allowed to keep pets.

Q: Is smoking allowed?
A: Haaland Estates is a tobacco-free campus. We request tenants and visitors refrain from smoking or using tobacco products in the buildings or on the grounds.

Q: Can I decorate my own apartment?
A: You are welcome to decorate your apartment with personal items, photographs and artwork. We ask that you obtain written permission before making changes to paint, wallpaper or fixtures or removing furnishings provided by Haaland Estates. Unless agreed upon by you and Haaland Estates, the cost of making these changes will be at your expense.

Q: Is a deposit required?
A: When you rent your apartment you will be asked for a $300 deposit ($370 if you also are renting a garage). Provided there's been no damage to your apartment or garage during your stay and you are current with your rent, your deposit will be returned with interest when you move out.