Is Basic Care right for me?

Haaland Estates is licensed as a basic care facility. We use the following criteria to determine if basic care is right for you.

Walking - You must be able to walk independently for at least 300 feet and exit the building on your own. Walkers and canes are acceptable. If you use a wheelchair, you must be able to walk at least 25 feet, transfer in and out of your wheelchair on your own, and wheel yourself.

Thinking - You need to be able to relate well to fellow residents and staff. Being forgetful is OK, as long as you can manage the activities of daily living.

Self-care - You need to be able to take care of basic personal hygiene and eat without assistance. We can help with things like getting in and out of the tub, putting on TED support hose and occasional reminders to dress appropriately.

Doctor's orders - In order to be admitted to Haaland Estates Basic Care, you will need to have a physical exam and provide written orders from your doctor.