Preparing to Move

You are welcome to use furnishings provided by the facility or bring your own. Residents are encouraged to decorate their suites with meaningful items like family photographs, favorite chairs or bedspreads. Some residents bring dorm-sized fridges to store snacks or favorite beverages. Family members are responsible for the care and cleaning of any items brought from home. Power strips are allowed; extension cords are not.

Your packing list should include at least six changes of clothing, including undergarments, pajamas, robe and seasonal garments like winter jackets and gloves. Label all clothing using a permanent marker; the front office has a special marker for dark clothing. We are not equipped to care for clothing that requires special care or is dry-clean only. There is minimal storage space for out-of-season or extra clothing.

Money & Valuables
We advise residents not to bring valuables such as expensive watches or rings to basic care and that residents keep no more than $30 in cash in their rooms. Residents may open a Resident Fund Account, from which they can deposit or withdraw money during regular office hours. These funds can be used for outings, perms, gifts, etc.

Telephone & Internet
Private phones and Internet service may be installed in basic care suites. Residents or their families are responsible for ordering these services. All charges are billed directly to residents or their families. Haaland Estates provides phones in each wing for incoming calls and a private room where residents can make outgoing and long-distance calls.