Service Descriptions

Individualized plan of care - Our team of experienced providers develops a structured, personalized plan of care designed to meet your individual needs. Your care plan is based on your physician's orders, assessments by our staff and input gathered from you and your family.

Meals - We serve three nutritious, home-cooked meals each day and offer between-meal snacks.

Medication management - Working with your physician, we order your medications, dispense them at the proper times, and monitor your response to those medications.

On-site clinic and lab - Our on-site clinic brings Heart of America Johnson Clinic healthcare providers to you. We schedule appointments right at Haaland Estates and staff members can accompany you to help you share information and communicate your needs to your doctor.

Bathing assistance/nail care - We will assist you with personal hygiene and grooming as needed in ways that make you feel comfortable and safe. Manicures, pedicures and foot care are regularly scheduled services.

Laundry and linen service - We launder personal clothing on a daily basis and provide fresh bedding once a week or as needed.

Wander protection system - Individuals who may be at risk if they leave our facility unattended can purchase a special watch that emits warning beeps and activates locks when outside doors are approached. The watch will set off an alarm if the wearer passes through an outside door.

Transportation - We provide transportation to local medical, dental, vision and chiropractic appointments and for scheduled shopping trips, recreational outings and community events. We ask family members to arrange transportation for your out-of-town appointments. We will provide assistance with for alternatives if needed.

Hair care and styling - Ladies enjoy our beauty shop once a week for shampoos and sets. Haircuts are provided for all residents every six weeks. Those who want perms or professional coloring may purchase those services from our licensed stylists at reduced salon fees.