Radiology X-RAY

Heart of America Medical Center offers a wide range of on-site radiology and cardiac services.

Our skilled technologists take pride in providing patients with timely, accurate results using the following diagnostic tools:

Bone density scan - assesses bone health and test for osteoporosis

CT scan - creates cross-sectional views and three-dimensional images of internal organs and structures

3D mammography - aids in early detection and diagnosis of breast diseases in women

EKG (electrocardiogram) - reveals problems with electrical activity in the heart

Fluoroscopy - creates x-ray "movies" of moving body structures

Holter monitoring - monitors arrhythmias and helps doctors diagnose heart problems

MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) - takes pictures of organs and structures inside the body

Nuclear medicine - uses very small amounts of radioactive materials to diagnose and treat disease

Stress test - provides information on how the heart works during physical stress

Ultrasound - scan used to diagnose a variety of conditions and assess organ damage following illness

X-ray - produces images of the structures inside your body

For attaining and maintaining the highest level of image quality and patient safety, Heart of America Medical Center mammography services has earned the American College of Radiology's gold seal of accreditation.

To make an appointment or more information, please contact your healthcare provider or call 701-776-5261 ext 2255. For mammography appointments, please call Heart of America Johnson Clinic at 701-776-5235.