Our professional, full-service laboratory serves Heart of America hospital, surgery, emergency room and long term care patients, and clinic patients from Rugby, Dunseith and Maddock. Our medical technicians also perform outpatient lab work ordered by out-of-town physicians.

Hours: We provide outpatient services between 7:30 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Where to register: Before any lab work can be processed, outpatients must register at the hospital admissions desk.

Lab orders: To receive lab services, you must have a lab order from your healthcare provider. Be sure to bring lab orders from out-of-town healthcare providers with you, unless the orders were faxed to the lab in advance.

Faxing lab orders: Lab orders from out-of-town healthcare providers may be faxed to the HAMC Laboratory at 701-776-5448.

Drug and alcohol testing: The HAMC Laboratory is authorized to conduct Department of Transportation and non-DOT workplace drug and non-breathalyzer alcohol tests. Please call lab to schedule an appointment. Collections are conducted between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Microalbumin screening: The American Diabetes Association recommends people with Type1diabetes have yearly microalbumin urine tests, beginning five years after diagnosis. The ADA recommends people with Type 2 diabetes begin annual testing at diagnosis.

Glycohemoglobin: Refers to total glycosylated hemoglobin present in red blood cells and assesses glycemic control over a period of four to eight weeks.

PSA screening: When used in conjunction with other prostate cancer tests, such as digital rectal examination, PSA screening may assist in diagnosis of prostate cancer.

The HAMC Lab Philosophy

The Heart of America Medical Center Laboratory technical staff supports a compassionate and caring approach to patients, family members and coworkers. We believe all patients have psychosocial, economic, spiritual and physical needs and that we are responsible for assisting in meeting those needs.

We believe health care practice and medical technology are continually changing and that our laboratory technical staff must stay abreast of current trends in order to provide patients with the quality care they deserve.