Lab Services

HAMC Laboratory is equipped to provide a variety of essential laboratory services and tests, including the following:
  • Blood, urine, sputum and wound cultures, Quick strep, influenza A & B
  • Lipid profiles (12 to 14 hour fast required), comprehensive metabolic panels, basic metabolic panels, Liver function panel, TSH, CRP, Digoxin, Tegretol, Dilantin, Acetaminophen and Vancomycin
  • Troponin - used as status for cardiac patients; D-Dimer - for clot detection; Pro BNP - for congested heart failure
  • Complete blood count with platelets and automated five-part differential
  • Protime (PT) and partial thromboplastin time (PTT)

Urine dipstick tests and microscopic examinations, qualitative pregnancy testing and urine drug screens.
The HAMC blood bank is stocked with eight units of Packed RBC's and four units of fresh-frozen plasma. Platelets are ordered as needed from United Blood Services.

Northern Plains Laboratory
Tests not provided by HAMC Laboratory are performed by Northern Plains Laboratory in Bismarck. Northern Plains Laboratory makes referrals as needed to specialty labs such as ARUP Laboratories in Salt Lake City and the Mayo Clinic