What to Bring

We want you to feel comfortable when you live here. Many residents bring personal belongings with them so they feel more at home.

Furnishings: We encourage you to make your room more homelike by decorating it with meaningful items such as family photographs, a favorite chair or bedspread.

Clothing: Please bring at least six pairs of clothing with you. Space is limited, so we ask that your family rotate seasonal garments so all of your clothing will fit in your closet and drawers. Families are asked to regularly check your clothing for proper fit.

Valuables: It's best not to keep expensive jewelry or other important valuables in your room, because they may get lost. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items, but we will make every attempt to help locate them.

Spending money: Social Services will help you establish an interest-bearing account in which you can keep money for outings, gifts, permanents, trips and whatever else you may desire. We recommend you keep no more than $5 in your room at any time. You have one drawer in your room that can be locked; keys are available on request.