Rapid Testing Performed at HAMC Results in Negative Test

For immediate release                                                                                                                 May 6, 2020
Rapid Testing Performed at HAMC Results in Negative Test
Rugby, ND –
As a result of the single positive COVID-19 test reported this morning at the Haaland Manor the Heart of America Medical Center (HAMC) in conjunction with the North Dakota Department of Health began a track and trace procedure.  The positive test stemmed from a female in her 90’s who resides in the Haaland Manor Assisted Living Apartments. The investigation began with questions of how the individual, who was self-isolating and asymptomatic prior to the mandatory Sentinel Testing completed on May 3, 2020 showed a positive result.  The results of this track and trace indicated minimal person to person contact and a minimal chance of exposure that would result in a positive COVID-19 infection.  Given this information HAMC determined the need to repeat the COVID-19 test.  A rapid test was performed, which returned a negative result.  Given these two conflicting tests, HAMC will perform further testing to validate whether or not the resident is COVID-19 positive.  Until validation is completed HAMC will treat this case as a positive and will follow appropriate safety protocols.
HAMC has received the final results of the Sentinel Testing.  We tested a total of 241 individuals of which 240 came back negative for COVID-19.  The one positive test was retested and came back negative as summarized above.  
Erik Christenson, CEO “Heart of America Medical Center is blessed to have the ability to perform rapid COVID-19 testing which provides test results within 20 minutes.  This testing capability greatly enhances our ability to care for our community.”