Parkinson's Treatment

Parkinson's disease, (PD) is a neurodegenerative brain disorder that progresses slowly in most people diagnosed with it. Symptoms can take several years to develop and often start with a tremor in one hand. Other symptoms can include slow movement, stiffness and loss of balance.

Occupational therapists at HAMC are certified in the Lee Silverman Voice Techniques (LSVT BIG). It is an innovative and clinically-proven method for improving communication and movement in individuals with Parkinson disease with application to other neurological conditions.

The LSVT BIG treatment consists of 16 sessions: 4 consecutive weeks with 1 hour individual sessions. There is daily homework practice and daily carryover exercises.  LSVT BIG will teach patients how to avoid inactivity and keep movements active during daily activities. It will help patients participate fully and improve their quality of life.

Research on LSVT BIG has documented improved ratings on tests of motor functions. Improvements include: faster walking with bigger steps, improved balance and increased trunk rotation.   
Talk to your primary care provider to see if you are a candidate for the LSVT BIG treatment at HAMC. For more information, contact the Wellness Center at Heart of America Medical Center at 776.5455 ext. 2209 or log onto LSVT BIG’s website at