Pediatric Outpatient Therapies

Heart of America Medical Center offers speech, physical, and occupational therapy from birth and beyond.  Thanks to a very special young lady, HAMC, has a dedicated space to treat our youngest patients in a setting that caters to their needs. Brooklyn’s Room is equipped with games, swings, toys and puzzles for all age levels. We also incorporate therapy balls, weighted blankets, trampolines and sensory toys to make therapy sessions enjoyable. For more information regarding a therapy screening, evaluation, or consultation, call our therapy department at 701-776-5455 ext. 2209.

Below is a summary of what each discipline can address:

Occupational Therapy:
  • Basic life skills- eating/feeding, dressing, bathing, grooming, toileting, brushing teeth, tying shoes, buttoning, etc.
  • Fine/visual motor & grasping skills- grasping/releasing objects, handwriting, manipulation of objects, cutting skills, etc.
  • Sensory processing- processing and responding to information from the environment (taste, touch, smells, sounds, sights, movement, position in space). OT assists with self regulation and developing the coping skills necessary to tolerate a variety of everyday situations and settings.
  • Upper body strength & coordination
  • Meeting developmental milestones
Age 1: Purposefully use hands to grasp and release objects, pick up small objects with thumb and one finger, transfer objects between hands, eat a variety of small/soft foods, points at objects.
Age 2: Build a 4 block tower, turn pages in a book, self feed with a spoon, put shapes into a shape sorter, begins to sort by shape and color, drinks from open cup, scribble on paper,
Age 3: String large beads, snip with scissors, imitate vertical/horizontal/circular strokes, complete inset puzzles, developing hand dominance, can take clothes off, enjoys a variety of games and activities and interactive play, working on toilet training, wash hands
Age 4: Trace on thick lines, has clear hand dominance, copy circle and cross, use fingertip grasping pattern to hold a pencil, cut roughly around pictures, complete simple interlocking puzzles, coordinate hands to brush teeth and hair, dress independently, potty trained
Age 5: Copy letters and numbers, write name from memory, cut out a square, dress and toilet independently, draw a 6 part/recognizable person, hold a pencil with a 3 fingered grasp, zip a coat, toilets independently
Age 6: Independently showers/washes self, use fork and knife to cut foods, write on a line, cut skillfully, copy a sentence, draw detailed pictures, tie shoes, form letters/numbers correctly.
Speech-Language Pathology:
  • Delays in beginning to talk
  • Difficulties in saying specific sounds (e.i. L, S, K, etc.) or hard to understand
  • Social language difficulties related to autism
  • Childhood apraxia of speech
  • Help obtaining or using a communication device
  • Difficulties with eating and/or swallowing
Age 2: follow simple directions (i.e. get your shoes, throw this away, etc.), use at least 50 words, and put 2-3 words together to express themselves.
Physical Therapy:
  • Developmental milestones related to posture and movement (i.e. sitting, crawling, walking, riding a bike, etc.)
  • Strengthening/endurance/muscle tone
  • Balance and motor coordination
  • Orthotics and adaptive mobility options
Age 1: Rolls both ways, sits unsupported, crawls, pulls to stand
Age 2: Walks, climbs onto furniture, pushes self on non-pedal toys, goes up/down stairs
Age 3: Runs, jumps, and climbs in a coordinated way and with minimal falling
Age 4: Pedals, alternates feet when going up/down stairs, marches, gallops