Sports Acceleration

Programs Offered at HAMC

Athletic Republic Acceleration Training 
With training session 3x a week for 6 weeks, athletes improve linear or sprinting speed, explosive power for a quicker first step or vertical elevation and active recovery to sustain performance at that speed.

Athletic Republic Acceleration ACL Bridge Protocol  This program consists of 24 sessions designed specifically for ACL repair recovering athletes to safely return to high level sport activities.

Athletic Republic Ground Based Programs  Early season team conditioning that matches propriety and plyometric and dynamic stability drills, speed work, and cord conditioning with the demands of a specific sport. 

Athletic Republic Sports Training delivers on-field success through scientifically based performance training protocols. Athletic Republic training will help you move better and faster, be stronger and more powerful, and get into top condition for your sport. All program include strength training and pre- and post-program testing. 

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Strength and Power This is a HAMC developed program that consists of 18 individual sessions over 8 weeks. It is customized to the athlete with their specific needs in mind to improve and enhance muscle performance and coordination. The focus is on muscle specific enhancements of the upper and lower body, coupled with core strength and stabilization of the back and abdominal muscles.

Sports Acceleration Forms:

Sports Acceleration Brochure

Please print off and fill out the following forms to participate in a Sports Acceleration program at Heart of America Rehab & Wellness Center. Drop them off at the Rehab & Wellness Center reception desk.

Strength and Power