Hope Lives Here

GSHA Employee Assistance Program

Hope Lives Here is an employee-funded assistance program. Good Samaritan Hospital Association employees experiencing financial problems due to illness, personal tragedy, personal hardship, a death in the family or other crisis may apply for up to $1,200 in assistance per year.

Employees do not need to donate to Hope Lives Here in order to receive assistance, but they must have completed their 90-day probation periods.

Coworkers may encourage fellow employees to apply for assistance, but the form must be completed, along with docmentation, and signed by the employee seeking assistance and then submitted to his/her direct supervisor. The supervisor signs and then submits the application to the Good Samaritan Health Services Foundation Director who brings it to an anonymous employee committee for review.

Employees may contribute to Hope Lives Here through automatic deductions from their paychecks by completing the authorization form and submitting it to Human Resources.

Hope Lives Here funds are managed for employees by the Good Samaritan Health Services Foundation. Questions may be directed to Foundation Director Darcie Rose.

Hope Lives Here employee assistance application form

Hope Lives Here payroll deduction form