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What is it? Hope Lives Here is a program that provides assistance for two causes; first and foremost it offers assistance for employees of the Good Samaritan Hospital Association in the event of an emergency, secondly it assists with funding for improvements throughout our organization.

Who does it help? Hope Lives Here is for you and your fellow employees! Any current GSHA employee is eligible to apply for assistance after completion of their 90 day probation period. Employees do not need to donate to this program in order to receive assistance from the program. Employees can apply for assistance for themselves or a fellow co-worker.

How does it work? Hope Lives Here is sustained by donations that are automatically deducted from employee paychecks upon written permission. Hope Lives Here maintains a $15,000 balance at all times to go towards employee assistance. Any funds exceeding this amount rollover into an account designated for improvement requests throughout the facility. Employees can complete the application for assistance and submit it to their direct supervisor, who will in turn submit it for review per policy.
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